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Granny looked deep into Orsika’s eyes,

And told her matter of factly.

“You know the name that we share

Means ‘Little Bear,’

But it’s meaning you should know exactly.”


Orsika was excited by plans of a family day out – a walk through the woods for a picnic at the lake.  On the way home, though, her borther Stephen’s teddt bear is stolen by a creature she could see but could not believe.

To get Ted back, Orsika and her granny will have to follow them to the Clearing at the Heart of the Forest.’  Along the way, she must face bandits and all manner of fairy tale forest creatures, as well as her fear and her wonder – and still get Ted back to Stephen before bedtime!


To do so, she must know both who she is, and what she can be…

Orsika the Bear (Paperback)

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