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Books, Artwork & Merchandise

Currently the home to published and upcoming works of author Chris O’Malley, Red Rabbit Rises has a passion for reading, publishing and promoting the works of talented writers.  As such, we look forward to a future of publishing a range of authors, beginning in the United Kingdom and Australia.

While starting this adventure with children’s books and literature, there are already plans in place to not only extend the range of authors being published, but the offerings to readers across the span of ages and reading interests.


Proudly showing off the work of talented illustrators, Red Rabbit Rises is also the place to be inspired by beautiful imagery, breathing life into the characters put to our author’s pages.

At its heart, Red Rabbit Rises is about stories. In practice, a major role of the business is as a publisher. Items we offer for sale therefore include books that we are happy to sell in infinite numbers. However, this is not all that we offer. There are also prints and imagery, including merchandise for our books as well as the business Red Rabbit Rises itself.

Adding to this, there will be offers on talented one-off pieces, in exclusive sale numbers from incredible local artists of Inverness, so ensure to check in on the regular so you don’t miss an exclusive piece in our constantly rotating stocks.


Where to find us...

Creatures of the modern era Red Rabbit Rises has burrowed into the online space, you can find us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, but you can get our primary blogging content by subscribing to our newsletter today. It’s free, offering a humble dose of inspiration, talent and humour to all readers!

Although we work online stay in touch with us as we pop up into the real world for pop-up shops, author meet-and-greets and, of course, book readings! Primarily based in the beautifully scenic town of Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland find our rabbit holes springing up across Scotland.


A love of storytelling was followed by writing. This was followed by a wish to share stories, and that others might enjoy them.

Founder & Head Red Rabbit

Chris O'Malley

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Wearing a number of hats for Red Rabbit Rises, Anna-Roisin works to bring the Burrow’s underground activities to light.


Anna-Roisin Ullman-Smith:



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