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Red Rabbit Rises is, above all, about a love of stories.  Reading, hearing, and enjoying being absorbed in stories. 

It is also about exploring their potential for learning, sharing and understanding.

We're at the start of creating a publishing company. This is a business.  However, I would also happily call it a project. An experiment, focused on curiosity being explored.

We are starting with children’s stories, illustrated by local Inverness artists. The next step will expand to include stories for readers aged 14 and up in many genres.

Living with my head bouncing around deep in the warren of Red Rabbit Rises, I see the many chambers and tunnels in here. From this vantage point, it is a challenge to give a clear definition of what may or may not grow in here. 

Some aims are already clear while some of the direction of travel will naturally depend on the path ahead. It is early days, and there is always so much potential when exploring stories. This satisfies me, living down in the rabbit warren.  Hopefully there something here to satisfy a range of others, also.

Wanting more of a view of where you have landed, and whether you want to stay and linger a little longer?

Here you will find:

  • Our range of publications - all for sale, with some freebies;

  • Details of our events, including storytelling, workshops, and our periodical pop-up shop;

  • Educational resources for teachers, parents, grandparents, and anyone wanting to engage children in stories;

  • More information about the business that is Red Rabbit Rises, such as our aims, goals, influences and future directions.

The Red Rabbit Rises team hope you find a children's book here worth going down the rabbit hole for!

Author and Red Rabbit Rises Founder Chris O'Mally
Chris O'Malley 
Founder & Chief Red Rabbit
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